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To launch the Export/Import wizard, first hit the Office button/ go to File menu, navigate to Open, and click Import(as shown in the screenshot below).



In the Import And Export wizard, select Import from another program or file option and hit Next.


Under File Type, select Outlook Data File(.pst) and hit Next.


Now choose the file to import, select the options, and hit Next.



It will then ask you to enter the password for backup file twice.



Once done, finally select the folder to import from(if you want to import complete data don’t change any settings) and make sure Include subfolders is checked. You can either import the file to the current folder or choose the folder.




In the Import And Export Wizard, select Export to a file option and hit Next.



Under File Type, select Outlook Data File(.pst) and hit Next.



Now make sure Include subfolder is checked, this makes sure that all data including, Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Drafts, etc are exported. To export only a single folder, choose that folder and hit Next.


Now give the backup file a name and choose the destination where you want it to be saved and hit Finish.



Lastly, enter the Password to secure the backup file.



Once done, it will again ask you to enter the password. Enter the same password again and it will begin exporting your data.



During this process your Outlook might become unresponsive for a few seconds. When it becomes responsive again it means that the export is complete. You can then verify the export file by visiting the destination where you saved it.

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